turkey mugs


These rock-solid stoneware mugs are designed for the thirstiest of us: the ones that are sick and tired of getting up in the middle of breakfast for a second cup of coffee, hot cocoa, or tea. Lord knows we were. So we made these to make life a little less strenuous. After all, breakfast should be easy, and we're not trying to put miles on our step tracker just yet. Let's at least wait till we're out the door.

You can't fit your hand around this one, but trust us when we tell you you'll feel protected with the brawn these babies have. The absolute asymmetry represented here takes us back to the stone age when we were all using pelicans as restrooms and clubbing each other in the heads to express romantic attraction. You'd need a mammoth stomp to dent this bad boy.

Available in two sizes and color variants.

shorties hold a volume of 300 mls; big bois go for a whopping 600 mls.